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  Over 60 Business Directories City wise/ Sector wise available across India.  
Over 50 Consumer Databases available across India.

  International Business Directories available to expand business globally  


List Of Databases:

International BPO Telecalling database directory, UK USA Database

All India Industrial Business Directory Database CD

All India Sales Purchase Marketing Heads / Managers Directory

CFO of Indian Companies / Finance Head Database

Top Indian Corporate Companies Database Directory

IT Heads CTO / CIO Technical Managers Database All India

Engineering Medical Colleges Database Directory

HNI High Net-Worth Individuals Database CD All India

India Financial Banks Branches Database Directory

Directors CEO Directory Database Of Indian Companies

Young People Database Directory All India

CA Chartered Accountants Database Directory All India

India Automobile Industry Database Directory CD / All India Automobile Database CD

All India Placement Agents Companies Database Directory

South India Companies Business Database Directory

Mumbai Business Database / Directory CD

Delhi NCR Business Database / Directory CD

Gujarat Business Database / Directory CD

Maharashtra Business Database / Directory CD

Punjab Chandigarh Business Database / Directory CD

Bangalore Business Database / Directory CD

Chennai Business Database / Directory CD

Hyderabad Secunderabad Business Database / Directory CD

Jaipur Business Database / Directory CD

Kolkata / West Bengal Business Database / Directory CD

Pune Business Database / Directory CD

Ahmedabad Business Database / Directory CD

Vadodara Business Database / Directory CD

Surat Business Database / Directory CD

Architects / Interior Designer Database Directory India

Builders Real Estate Companies Database Directory All India

Plastic Supplier Companies Database Directory

India Leather Industry Suppliers Database Directory

India Hospitals Directory Database CD

India Apparel Fashion Industry Directory Database

Gifts Crafts Industry business Directory Database

Herbal Products Manufacturers Exporters database

FMCG Companies Directory All India

India Packaging paper Industry Directory Database

India Printing Product business Directory Database

Indian Exporters Business Directory Database CD

Indian Importers Business Directory Database CD

Pharma and Chemical Industry business Directory Database All India

Transport Industry business Directory Database

Indian Petroleum & Petro Products Directory/Database

Indian Hotels Restaurants Directory Database

India Media Entertainment Companies Database

Travel Agents Tour operator companies Directory Database Directory Database All India

NGOs Non Government Organization Trusts Directory Database All India CD

NRI Non resident Indian Database Directory CD

Agro Industry business Directory Database India

Handicrafts Exporters & Manufacturers Directory

All India Industrial Supplies / Suppliers Directory Database CD

Consultants Directory Database India

All India IT / Software Companies Directory Database

Stock Brokers / Traders Directory Database All India

India Shipping Industry business Directory Data

All India Machinery Manufacturers Suppliers Directory

India Gems Jewelry companies Database Directory

Electrical Electronics Industry business Directory Database India

All India Professors Lecturers Teachers Directory Database

Call Center Database / BPO KPO Executives Database Directory All India

HR Managers Directory Database / HR Executives Database CD India

Mutual Fund Agent Distributors Directory India

India Engineering Companies Directory Database

Retail Shops Database Directory All India

All India Company Secretary Database Directory

India Insurance Agents Directory Database

High Salaried Company Executives Database All India

All India Self employed Directory database

All India Email Database Directory

Foreign world global Email Database Directory

Car Owners Directory Database India

Pathology Labs Diagnostic Centers Database All India

Medical / Surgical Directory Database All India

All India Doctors Database Directory

All India Advocate Lawyers database

Residential / Individual Directory Database All India

All India Investors Leads / Database, People who are Interested In Investing

Global World Business Directory Database

International World Business Directory

Gulf Middle East Business Directory Database

American United States Companies Directory

France Companies Business Directory Database

Singapore hongkong Companies Business Directory

United Kingdom UK Companies Business Database

China Companies Business Directory Database

Advertising/Event Management/ PR/MR Companies Directory Database All India

Airlines & Aviation Industry Directory Database All India




Health Care and Hospitals Directory Database CD India

5000+ records Contains Company / Firm Name, Contact Person name, Postal address, Tel No., Email id , City etc Includes Hospitals lists.


All Database Available in Excel format   on CD Rom. 

Data can be used for mail merging also can be sorted / filtered with Excel utility.


  Other Databases Available:

Cargo Agents and Freight Forwarder Companies Database Directory All India

Business Database and Directories All India

India Media Companies Directory Database

Placement Companies Directory Database All India

Delhi NCR HNI High Net-Worth Individuals Database





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